SMC Earthquakes Game Day Uniforms

Game Uniforms: All pieces of the game uniform should be brought to all games regardless of location of the match (home or away), and must be laundered, clean and in good condition.

HOME Uniform: BLUE Jersey, BLUE Shorts and WHITE Socks
AWAY Uniform: RED Jersey, RED Shorts and WHITE Socks
TRAINING Uniform: BLACK Jersey, BLACK Shorts and WHITE Socks

These are the only permitted combinations of the uniform that you may use. Teams may not substitute colors around on the uniforms without permission from the DOC. Jersey and sock colors may be interchanged depending on uniform game day priority and uniform color conflicts with opponent.

SMC Uniform Policy

SMC maintains a two-year purchase policy for our teams that is compliant with the existing sponsorship agreement between the club and our current uniform sponsor, ADIDAS. All teams will be required to purchase a new uniform kit every two years. Uniforms must be used in both league and tournament play for each team's respective season immediately following the uniform launch. The Club's uniform policy governs uniform purchase for all SMC Teams. The SMC staff will manage the uniform selections for each cycle.

Transition Policy

  1. The San Mateo County Football Club does not require teams to transition prior to the normal replacement cycle (two year cycle).
  2. Uniform purchasing responsibility is the responsibility of teams/players. The Club does not include uniform fees in the overall fees it charges. Teams/players are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms. All uniforms will be the property of the members and not considered property of the Club.
  3. Teams that have been formed after May 2018 (new teams formed for Fall 2018) are required to purchase the Earthquakes ADIDAS uniform Kit. ADIDAS is the official uniform supplier for the San Mateo County Club effective for the Spring 2014 season.

Club Uniform Package

  • Game Jerseys: Entrada 18 Game Jersey BLUE (x1) and RED (x1)
  • Training Jersey: Entrada 18 Training Jersey BLACK (x1)
  • Game Shorts: Tastigo 17 Game Shorts BLUE (x1) and RED (x1)
  • Training Shorts: Tastigo 17 Game Shorts BLACK (x1)
  • Game Socks: Copa III WHITE/WHITE (x1)

Optional Items

  • Training Jersey: Entrada 18 Training Jersey GRAY (x1)
  • Training Jackets: Tiro 17 (BLACK)
  • Training Pants: Tiro 17 (BLACK)
  • Back Packs: Stadium Team (BLACK)
  • GK Jersey: Entrada 18 Game Jersey ORANGE (x1) and/or YELLOW (x1)
  • GK Jersey: Assita 17 Game Jersey GREEN (x1)
  • GK Shorts: Tastigo 17 Game Shorts RED (x1) and/or BLACK (x1)

Practice Jersey Requirements

All players are expected to wear BLACK Earthquake or GRAY Earthquake ADIDAS practice jerseys to every practice. All practice jerseys will have the club logo. Any additional logos may only be added with the written approval of the Director of Coaching. Additional logos must be applied by the Club Uniform Supplier and will incur additional costs.

Assignment of Uniform Numbers

It is strongly encouraged that player numbers be assigned as an age-group so that overlapping numbers are minimized. Minimal overlaps allow easier player sharing for tournaments, league games, etc. All team uniforms must have a number.

Player numbers are assigned upon initial team formation. No rights to numbers are transferred for players transitioning to new teams. Players who join teams after the team formation process may choose from any remaining unassigned numbers. Players transferring within the club after team formation to different teams are considered "new players" for the purposes of this process, and may choose from any remaining unassigned numbers.

All players entering U13 Fall or participating in a team collaboration process will be reassigned numbers based on the following breakdown for team naming and team numbering convention.

SMC Numbering Conventions

When ever possible numbers should be assigned based on SMC team, with the lowerst numbers being given to the Academy team players and then working up from there. Do not duplictae numbers if a player already has a specific number.

  • Academy Team - 2-19
  • Premier Team - 19-40
  • Premier II Team - 2-19
  • Premier III Team - 19-40

There shall be no use of numbers greater than 40. GK may use 1, 0 or 00, these numbers are reserved for Goalkeepers only. Any number variations or selections to this policy must work within all the teams in the age group and must be submitted and approved by the uniform coordinator.


Uniform Order Process

All uniform ordering will be handled via the on-line Team Store through Team Staff will be invited by the club's uniform coordinator. Team staff is responsible for inviting all new players to the team store and managing the team numbering process.